Minje’s Extracurricular Work


Back in 2000 when I was a freshman, I formed a team, called BAND JINSIL, with my then-roommate and so-far-the-best-friend Jonguk Kim. We liked alternative/folk rock music, and listened to Radiohead a lot. Both of us were obsessed with creating weird music by combining irregular key transpositions and tensions (we thought it was cool). But, we also tried really hard to come up with a corny melody that somehow goes well with the strange chord progression that we came up with. Since neither of us was a good singer, we recruited Kahyun Choi (who I was dating back then and eventually married to), because she happened to sing really well.

We have recorded over 20 original songs. My role in this team is quite versatile, ranging from composing to lyrics writing and audio engineering. While I still love the songs we wrote, the recording quality was very bad when we were poor undergrads. Here, I share only a few recent recordings that are of better quality.

Cat Waltz

All music and lyrics by Minje Kim
Vocals by Kahyun Choi
Score (PDF)

At First

Composed by Jonguk Kim
Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Programming and Arrangement by Minje Kim
Vocals by Kahyun Choi
Score (PDF)


Music and Acoustic Guitar by Minje Kim
Score (PDF)

Take Me Home, Country Roads (cover)

Original Song by John Denver
Arranged by Minje Kim
Vocals by Kahyun Choi

Picks of My Pics

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