Prospective Members

Please follow me on social media for the latest news about my research

Prospective Ph.D. students and PostDoc researchers

Send me an email at with your CV. If your CV does not specify the planned research you mean to do with me, please elaborate a little in the email. You don’t have to try too hard to relate your interest to what I do, but it may help if you take a look at my research projects.

Prospective M.S. students

If you already have prior experience in machine learning, deep learning, and audio processing, please contact me at with your CV. It might be best if you could skim my research projects and relate your interests to them. If there’s a match, we can arrange an independent study or a thesis research project.

Prospective undergraduate students

Send me an email at . Please share your background and what kind of research project you want to do (you may want to take a look at what I do first).

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